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July 17 Post 7

Birt apologizes for a sour note for the end.

Birt says that Kathy Hamilton turned off her microphone and  said “what goes around comes around.” Kathy Hamilton agrees that she said that.

Birt says that Hamilton has threatened her.

COD Attorney reads the reasons why the closed meeting needs to happen.

Section 2C1 Illinois Open Meetings Act — a personnel matter.

2C11 of IOM Act — litigation against a public body has been filed.

ARgument ensues. Trustee Wozniak says it is the first time a Trustee has brought a lawyer to a Board meeting.

Trustee O Donnel says that Hamilton has insulted the Board members.

More argument.

BoT dismisses for a closed meeting.

Good night, and good luck.

July 17 BoT Post 6

Consent Agenda.

95.F has been removed from the consent agenda by Trustee Savage —  Roger C. Marquardt and Co. Contract Extension.

Question from Trustee McGuire. Notes that 3 of 4 new faculty are coming from our own adjunct faculty. She notes it is good to see that being an adjunct is a career path.

Consents Agenda passes unanimously.

Discussion of 95 F Marquardt Contract Extension is open. This is a lobbying firm located in Springfield. It provides services to “help the College advance its legislative agenda within the county and in Washington.”

Trustee Savage notes that June 30 was when contract expired. I and Trustee McGuire have been concerned in the past that these kinds of contract bids and extensions have a clearer process. Why are we extending a contract for 6 months rather than a whole year?

Trustee McGuire is concerned that Scott Marquardt is on the Foundation Board as well as a vendor contracted by the college. We don’t want an appearance of impropriety, having him on the Foundation Board. We need to make sure it is a competitive bid.  We have not evaluated other lobbying firms since I have been on the Board.  We should be doing that.

Savage suggests that we might want to do a rfp process for this service. We might want a broader search for it.

Debate about 6 month extension vs. rfp process continues with McGuire, Savage and Svoboda.

Svoboda asks what Savage is asking the BoT to do?

6 month contract extension — motion to pass the extension.

Trustee Savage votes no. Other Trustees all vote yes.

Trustee Discussion Items.

Trustee Svoboda talks about Trustees being invited to attend classroom and student presentations but oftentimes Trustees schedules do not permit.  Therefore since all Trustees are present at Board meetings perhaps we could have student presentations at Board meetings.

Discussion — Student Trustee says it is a good idea.

Chair Birt asks Trustees to e-mail or call her with ideas for what presentations might be good. Asks Trustees to let her know with two weeks advance notice to put student presentations on the BoT meeting agenda.


Trustee Svoboda. Nothing new on ICCTA other than that she has been asked to serve as chair or government relations committee. Thus she will be attending the retreat in August. Trustee Savage will also be attending on Friday but not Saturday. COD will have two Trustees at the ICCTA meeting.

Chair Birt wants to make comments. She says the attention has felt threatening.  There are people who have personal agendas. But I do not hide anything. People can dig into anything they want to. I will not hide anything. So I will disclose that when I was 23, 14 years ago, I was arrested for a DUI. I have since become a lawyer and have

I am the spokepeson for this Board. I will address the recent misstatements made to this Board by Ms. Hamilton.  She can speak as a private citizen.  But that right is not absolute. She cannot misstate what action this Board has taken.  This Board voted 6-1 to approve a 30 million dollar building, not a 50 million building.  Previously this Board had approved unanimously this building.

Birt goes through a chronology of funding for the project, and the votes that took place.

The College has not misrepresented the need for a need for new Teaching and Learning Center. I have for anybody who wants to review it, an audit that has been made looking at the procedure for demolition of the building.

Birt goes through a list of actions that Ms. Hamilton made regarding the possibilities of this building.

Birt suggests that until recently, Trustee Hamilton did not have questions or opposition to the process of funding the building.

Hamilton interrupts and says “when do I get to speak about this? This is kind of an ambush?”

Birt says that the College has been correct in its process of applying for funding for the new Teaching and Learning Center.

This Board approved a 30, not a 50 million dollar Teaching and Learning Center, and it will go forward.

Hamilton’s misstatements negatively impact how this Board operates.

Hamilton says she will respond to Birt about her claims about the chronology of her actions.

Anybody knows that 30 plus 20 million dollars equals 50 millions.

Signing off on an agenda is a different matter. I have agreed on an agenda. I will not keep other Board members from voting on this matter. My approval of agendas does not present to everyone as my consent to this project. I’ve had conversations with Dr. Brueder. I am uncomfortable with this project and I’ve said it in public and in the papers.

Brueder gets up and walks over to talk to others, and Hamilton objects to his getting up in the middle of her talk.

She says we should be talking about an embarrassing e-mail sent by Brueder not a list of dates about agenda preparation.

Very tense moment. Birt says “this is how our agenda meetings go.”  Hamilton objects.

Trustee Savage is “College Changes Everything Day”. Trustee Savage and Svoboda went “at no cost to the College.”




July 17 Post 5

Paula Opatrny.   Citizen at Large comment.  She goes into a story from the college she attended where a president thought a new library would increase enrollment.  2005  Barat College closed its doors because of this “if you build it they will come.” That did not happen. The college could not pay the bills for that building.  She recounts her family’s struggles in the current economy. She asks, COD Board, are you doing harm or good??


Bruno Behrend.  Can the BoT impose that a super majority rather than a simple majority to enforce parts of a contract.  He reads from  Illinois State Community College Code, he says he thinks not.  When a vote is taken, the majority of members   is sufficient.  He disputes whether a super-majority is needed to dismiss the President despite what the COD contract says.  However, he notes that if terminating for cause, you need 5 out of 7.  Illinois Courts invalidated the super-majority clause.  He admits he does not know how that would play out in court, but he wants to bring it to the attention of the Board.

End of public comments.

We will take a 15 minute break.

It has been hard to record everything. Please excuse the typos.

July 17 Post 4

Chuck Hamm, homeowner, Wheaton.  Notes how hard it is for him to pay bills.  He has noted how much COD has been spending on construction.  And now a 50 million dollar new project has been approved.  He decries the way COD has conducted its fiduciary relationship to the district residents.  Is it fiscally responsible for COD to spend 50 million dollars in these difficult economic times until we see what happens with this economy.  He questions the mileage and compensation package for President Brueder (465.00) that are all in the President’s contract. He notes membership in a millionaries hunting club  and his automobile allowance.  What is your opinion — are these expenditures fiscally responsible — even though they are in his contract. Are you (the COD lawyer) sure that those expenditures are legal?

Next speaker: Mark Klimeick.  Resident of Wheaton.  Disturbed by massive perks given to administrators at COD.  Reviews the total compensation of top 9 administrators. He claims these salaries:  172,000 Joe Moore  175,000 Dowling.  180,000 Bente   192,000 Catherine Brody  192,000  Jean Kartje 192,000  192,000 Linda Sans VanKirk   210,000 Currier  220,000 Glaser,  227,000 Collins.  He notesthat students are from working class and middle class familiies, yet million

Jerry Vachaperembul.  Former COD student, now a graduate of U of I. He reviews Brueder’s salary.  He notes that Santa has been very good to Dr. Brueder. He notes perks , pension, insurance policies, professional development, vacation time, etc.  Dr. Brueder gets a tax sheltered annuity.  Housing allowance of 18,000 per year. Deferred compensation plan.  469,000 is total compensation.  And in addition, he is not only a president, the Board gave him permission to have a consulting business on the side.

Ed Corcoran, lifelong resident of Clarendon Hills. Board member of Hinsdale South HS.  I would like to talk about Board governance.  “Tax and spend.” that is not an objective. I want to make 3 suggestions:  1)stop all capital projects except those needed for safety /implement detailed measurable objectives for all projects.  2) freeze both taxes and tuition for at least two years 3) change out the president and any other over-paid management team.  intuitively obvious that 500,00 in salary and benefits of the president of a community college.  That simple step will help bring credibility back to the BoT of COd.  Get some credibility back to this institution.

Adam Andrzewski.  He notes that Glaser admitted how much COD hiked taxes in the District.  He notes how highly paid top administrators are at COD.  He says the administration has used and abused the system.  He disputes COD’s claims to greater enrollment. He notes that Quinn has rescinded all further funding to COd.  He says the Board has allowed the Presidwent to start 4 for profit businesses.  One of these is Waterleaf.  He notes how much was spent on wine and wine accessories here.  He notes that Harper would not allow Brueder to build a wine cellar as COD has.  Max McGraw Foundation.  Bruder has spent 25,000 since 2008 at that hunting club.  Brueder is embarrassing to COD.  Hold him accountable.

Steven Brown, lawyer at a Chicago firm.  Represents KAthy Hamilton, Vice Chair of the BoT.  We have been retained by Kathy Hamilton. We will be watching how you treat Kathy Hamilton.  We hear there will be a closed meeting after this one.  There has to be a reason and rationale which is recognized by Illinois Statutes and we have not found a single one other than disciplinary ones.  We warn you Chair Birt — you have enough trouble as it is and if you touch one hair of Hamilton’s head, it will be a mess.  It will be expensive. I don’t know who will be suing whom, but it will be expensive.

July 17 BoT Meeting Post 3

Glenn Hansen, CODFA President reads statement crafted by Faculty Senate and approved by 100% of Faculty Senate:

July 17, 2014

To the College of DuPage Board of Trustees:

The statements of Dr. Robert L. Breuder, President of the College of DuPage, in his May 9th e-mail, are in opposition to the Institutional Shared Values of integrity, honesty, responsibility and trust. The Faculty Senate cannot condone or support the statements of strategy expressed by Dr. Breuder as President of College of DuPage in his May 9th e-mail to you.

We, the Senate, the elected representatives of the full-time faculty, call on the Board of Trustees to investigate and respond publically to the statements made by Dr. Breuder.

The President’s actions have reached a tipping point that challenges future plans for COD. While many have questioned various actions and statements by the President, the focus must be on this event of poor judgment. We, the College of DuPage, have had our institutional integrity damaged. We will all own this by our compliance and indicate our approval through our silence.

The statements in the e-mail, by the President, are evidence of an attitude and deeply held belief that violates our trust and are in opposition to Board Policies. We expect our leaders to accept responsibility for their actions, “business as usual” or “it should have been said differently”, are not acceptable excuses. Your Board Policies clearly state the expected behavior of and the responsibilities to be performed by the College President. Your Ethics Ordinance enacting State law, prohibit activities to solicit votes in public elections and the use of College property for that purpose.

It is now July 17th, and you, the Trustees, have had knowledge of this e-mail expressing an unacceptable strategy to solicit funds from the State since May 9th. Your silence condones and supports this e-mail. We, the Faculty, now ask you, “is this your position?” If you do not support the President’s strategies, publicly state this. We ask that you fulfill your duties as Trustees; evaluate the President and hold him accountable for consequences of his actions.

We await your prompt public response.

College of DuPage Faculty Senate

Glenn Hansen, President

Richard Jarman, Vice President

Richard Jarman, Vice PResident speaks:

He speaks of the e-mail that was released at the last BoT meeting as a huge surprise to CODFA, though he notes that the BoT had that e-mail for some time before that.

He notes that he and Glenn Hansen represent the faculty as elected representatives.

He notes the Chicago Tribune  editorial piece “Use it Or Lose It” that discusses COD expenditures in recent years. He notes how generous the District has been to the College with the 550 million of taxpayer money from 2 referenda.  He wonders why the proposed Teaching and Learning Center was not part of that 550 million.

underspending conservative budgets, squeezing educational services.  How did this reserve get built up so quickly. In this case, whose money is in the bank?  IT is the taxpayers.

Next Speaker: COD Student Kareem Atcha.  Wants to talk about the same matters that the Faculty Association has spoken about. He refers to the two newspaper article about COD.

He shows a graph he created of tuition increases at other community colleges in the region. Talks about tuition increases and what students have gotten. He shows information from public education websites that show that student services spending at COD has been cut drastically over the last few years. Spending on services per student have dropped dramatically while tuition has gone up.  He notes that students do not eat at Waterleaf and will not be able to afford eating at that restaurant,. He notes that the “C” in COD stands for “College” not Country Club.

Sam Ortega Guerrero, past president of Student Leadership. He notes he is concerned about third party accusations against COD.   He calls the e-mail sent by President Brueder was inappropriate.  However he says the question is really does COD need more space, and should the State partially fund those spaces?  We are nearly at 90% capacity during peak hours and we need to address that.  Should the State fund such a project? In my mind, a resounding “yes.”  He lauds COD under President Brueder. He says it is impossible to ignore the results. Why should we feel guilty about accepting 20 million dollars that the State had already appropriated for COD?  It makes no sense to me that no one would oppose the expansion of this college.

Laura Reigle — Citizen Comment. Resident of COD District. Would like to remind the BoT members of their responsibility to the citizens. She refers to an article in the Daily Herald and a quote by Joe Collins, stating that Executive Vice President did not present an accurate picture when he said we were out of space and needed more classroom space.  She questions the information provided by Collins and says rather than an increase in enrollment there has been a decrease.  She debates Collins’ denial that the new building was not expansion for expansion’s sake.  Reigle asks the 6 Trustees who voted yes on that building should reconsider their vote.  A building that costs 50 million dollars should only be built with voter approval.  She disputes enrollment information provided by the College. She will provide all research she has provided to the Trustees and anybody else who wants it.

Next Speaker –Jack Norris. Recent college graduate from a Big 10 university.  Talks about large amount of student debt that nationally students are facing. He notes he took  classes at COD that could be transferred to his university without ever setting foot on COD campus. He gives information on the rapid growth of enrollment in on-line classes in Illinois community colleges.  Many others did the same thing.  Why is COD spending so much money on construction when on-line students who do not set foot on campus when instead you could be lowering tuition for students.

Jeff Cooper. Glen Ellyn resident of 18 year, 27 in DuPAge.  Small business owner for many years. Successful business that has employed many district people.  He notes he saw the strategy of Brueder to get money for a project that should not happen. For everybody besides Kathy Hamilton who won with many more votes than most Trustees, should be applauded and her strong courageous voice should be heard more often.  All other Trustees-  this is disgusting governance.  He notes that Joe Collins made a back of the envelope calculation in the middle of a meeting about a 50 million construction project.  He asks the Bot to do a study of the real needs for a new building.  Do a cost analysis that includes an analysis of how much it would take to maintain and operate the building.  The scandal that was exposed last week is a scnadla.  It shows how poorly President Brueder has managed our money and students’ money.

Next Speaker: Denise Cottone.  Illinois Tea Party Coordinator.  This scandal of last week was an embarrassment for this school. President Brueder and Chair Birt, you should be embarrassed.  Congratulations to Kathy Hamilton for standing strongly for reform.  Courageous for writing an editorialto the Daily Herals.  COD scandal — embarrassing for all students and faculty members of COD.  She quotes Gov. Quinn\’s disapproval in a statement to the Tribune.  Where is the public discussion of this among the Board members.  Dr. Brueder shoud resign. If he doesn’t resign, what are you going to do Chairman Birt?  What are you going to do?




July 17th BoT Meeting — Post 2

Senior Management Team continues presentations of accomplishments as requested by President Brueder.

Human Resources Linda Sans VanKirk — Human Resources looked at implications of Affordable Healthcare Act. Multiple meetings with employees. Pension Reform — it seems legislation will change and the process of looking at Pension Reform will continue.

Tom Glaser, Administrative Affairs.  1) Looked over contracts with Sodexo and Follett (Food Service and Bookstore). Facilities — completed Facilities Building construction.  Homeland Security Training institute will begin construction next months.  Maintenance — lawns, securing the CArney Art collection’s security.  Making sure employees are paid regularly. Worked on loan programs for students, helping students understand these programs.  Risk Management — monthly review of alarm systems.  Police Department — protects students, staff and faculty on campus. Also have identified and prosecuted student financial aid fraud circles that had appeared on campus.

Joe Collins reported for Jim Bente (at a conference out of town) on Site Report from Higher Education Learning Council.  As good a report as one will ever see come  — Quality Check-up Site Report — criteria were all rated highly. Top quality report — no problems at all are identified at College of DuPage.  2)PACE report.  over 700 employees responded, robust response rate.  Survey scored on a Likert SCale of 1-5. In 2010 none of the questions were higher than 4.  This time, 7 questions were higher than 4.  64% got over 3 previously, now this has gone up to a 91%.  Incredible increase in employee satisfaction in all groups, after three straight drops. We made up in this year everything we had dropped in the previous years.

Chair Birt interrupts the proceedings to remind Board members that texting at meetings is approved but all texts that are made at a Board meeting could be part of the public record. She notes that the Vice-Chair was texting while the meeting was in session. Vice Chair Hamilton responds that she agrees that all texts made during a meeting are part of the public record.

Press Release is read by President Brueder. Announces that he plans to propose that at the next BoT meeting COD will announce a reduction in tuition of $2 per credit hour. New tuition rate will become  142 per credit hour.  State average is 108.  Average student will result in about $30 savings per semester   634,000 dollars in revenue loss.  1.13 million dollar loss in revenue in perpetuity.   He notes that the running of COD in a sound fiscal manner has allowed the College to do this.  He also says that all employee constituency groups will be getting raised.  He notes that COD has had a 550 million dollar reformation of the campus thanks to referenda and citizens taxes. State has given COD 2.6 million to the College during this time.  He notes that COD will be getting much less from the state than it should be getting. He also notes that COD has 755,000 dollars of loss due to students who get financial aid but do not complete their courses. Potential losses of 44 million due to pension reform.

Chair Birt thanks the president for re-evaluation of the tuition issue.

Vice Chair Hamilton asks for repetition of the figures.  3.43 million of losses of revenue per year in perpetuity from this action.

July 17th BoT Meeting Post 1

Call to order, roll call, approval of meeting agenda.

Presentations – Cathy Brod, COD Foundation on FY14 Performance Update

Extraordinary year this year — goal of earning 7.5 million through grants and donors, increasing donors and grow Foundation assets.

Achievements:  raised 11.2 million, increased donors by 225%, grew assets by 32.2% and awarded 1.5 million awarded to students and programs. Exceeded goals in all areas.

Barb Abromitis reported on further details of the Foundations achievements this year.  Foundation awarded FY2014 grants of more than 4 million dollars.

Presentation by Susan Lang Berry, Foundation President Managing Director, The Private Bank. Discusses Foundation Goals: Fundraising Capacity, Infrastructure and Support Services, Support the College and Students,Governance and Board Engagement and Charitable Positioning. We’re here to support the students or our jobs would be meaningless. Discusses her own personal experience of having her children begin their college studies at COD.

Strategic Priority: Fund Raising Capacity.

Implementation of Planned Giving Advisory Committee/Conducted second annual employee campaign, COD4COD/Various community partnerships.

MAC Madness in March — celebrating Jim Belushi./over 300 guests came, many of whom had not been on campus before/raised over 390,000 for the MAC and the John Belushi Scholarship Fund.

Foundation Priority: Support Students. $452,831 went to scholarships/educational equipment/education programs/faculty awards.

Resource for Excellence Grants:  $126,893 awarded.  various programs included the IDEA Center. Also new student enrollment seminars.

Charitable Positioning: dedication of Cleve Carney Art Gallery/launch of distinguished alumni program.

Achievements in Board Governance:  Board Retreat, six new Foundation Board members/one new Emeritus Board member/Audit Committee Charter amended/implementation of Board Recruitment plan.

Completing the move to campus was very helpful to the Foundation.

All Foundation staff were presented to the audience.

Trustee McGuire comments favorably on the Foundation achievements. She is pleased to see 60% of revenue now coming from planned giving.

Trustee Svoboda compliments Foundation on achievements and asks where they are located on campus.

President Brueder says that the numbers speak for themselves.  He praises the extraordinary achievements of the Foundation team.  Also speaks of the efforts to get private sector funds and notes that the Foundation has high achievements in this area as well.

Notes that in August the outcomes document will appear — in the meantime he has asked each member of the Senior Management Tea, to identify two highlights as a prelude to that document.

Chuck Currier, IT: 1) infrastructure. Implemented e-commerce, saves about 2000,00 in credit card processing fees per year  2) Enrollment. Recruiter for international students, first mobile application, speech lecture capture and a financial aid link.

Joe  Moore,  Marketing.  1) Branding effort was enormous took a year and a half to develop. Has proved effectively and is still developing. 2) COD Cares — community relations initiative. emerged from Shared Governance.  Can we bring all the people doing good deeds under one roof — Community Relations developed and implemented this program.  We have “COD Heroes” who are doing service projects off and on campus. Volunteers.

Earl Dowling: Student Affairs 1) Center for Student Diversity. Improving student engagement, improving outreach support and creating a welcoming environment. During the first year of this initiative we expect to enroll among African American students, high achieveing African American students.  12 person advisory committee.  7 are internal to COD and 5 are from the African American community of DuPage County.  Worked with DuPage NAACP. Working with the MAC and in general trying to publicize the Center for Student Diversity.  2) ESIP Enhanced Student Implementation Plan. Continues the momentum from October 2011.  We have grown enrollment at a rate that has outpaced our peers.  Increased number of high achieving students, easier to register, pay and apply for graduation. Have improved retention. Increased number of high-achieving District students.

Jean Kartje. Academic Affairs.  1)3 New AAS  degrees– goes through the list of them. 6 new certificates. 4 successful accreditation teams. 2 more will occur next year.  Curriculum 53 new courses,, 171 modifications to existing courses.  2) Faculty working with students and the community. Fashion Department collaborated with local high schools and worked with those students. Art Department had a walk this way exhibit.  Graphic Design had a program on campus as well. Annual Animation night.  Manufacturing Expo. And Engineering Olympics.  All these brought high school students to campus.  Partnered with DuPage County Senior Services to collaborate with Age Well DuPage.

Human Resources: Linda Sans Van Kirk  1) Collaborated with constituency groups to talk about professional development.  Communications, keynote speakers, staff development programs.


June 26 Post 3 Regular BoT Meeting

New Business

Approval for a new PN for Military Medical Corpsmen Certificate Program. A certificate program specifically for veterans.

discussion of this certificate.

Unanimously approved.

Chair Birt asks for a motion to approve the 2015 budget.

Trustee McGuire says she reads all the documents that come before her.

There is one area in which she disagrees. She says that the figure indicated for benefits has gone up fomr 4 to 8%. It seems high to her and she would like a more realistic figure.

She is pleased to see new full-time faculty openings.

Likes budgeting by projecting using credit hours not FTE’s.

Trustee McGuire asks about food costs of the College and the budgeting for money for Sodexo. 20,000 annual payment. I’m pretty happy.

Trustee Hamilton — this budget is conservative and because of that it is going to be off. We will be looking at 20-30 million dollars coming in to the College. Let’s bear in mind that these budgets are extremely conservative and they are not very good tools for looking at how much cash we have and how much cash we will have in the future. We tax, we have the power to tax, and we need to keep that in mind when we decide how much we are going to ask the taxpayers to pay.

Trustee Savage — I asked about the EAV floor because it will definitely impact on what we will collect from the taxpayers.

Trustee Hamilton-the tax rate goes up to compensate for the declining property values. That means people have to work extra hard to get that money to the college. If our budget is off, we are exacting money from the taxpayers at a time when it is hard for them.

Trustee Savage: Maybe in the future we will not see the need to raise tuition.

Chair Birt calls roll.

Hamilton votes no.

All other trustees vote yes.

NEXT AGENDA ITEM: Trustee Discussion Items

Student Presentations. Trustee Svoboda talks about how Trustees are not always free to attend student events and presentations they are invited to. She refers to a visit to Lauren Morgan’s speech class to show their research about parking. She was the only BoT member present. What a shame she was the only one present. Perhaps we could have students come to us to do presentations. We are here to serve the student body. I did talk to Trustee Escamilla and Stephanie Torres of SLC to identify class programs/activities/achievements that would come to us with a student perspective in mind. Trustee Svoboda asks the BoT how they can incorporate more visits/presentations form students.

Trustee McGuire says that while there have been some presentations by students, there have not been enough.

Chair Birt says we work in conjunction with the student trustee, whose job it is to bring student concerns to our attention. If the need arises that we need to separate out time for a report or presentation.  We could start out by encouraging Student Trustee Escamilla to bring this to our attention and he can incorporate it into our Student Trustee report. To start we should encourage the student trustee to use that time.

Agenda Item: Announcements

ACCT will be in October. November ICTTA meeting will be incorporated into that October meeting. Since ACCT will be in Chicago, no need to have everybody travel her to Chicago twice.

Trustee Savage adds about the ICTTA Springfield meeting. Svoboda and Savage attended the ICTTA meeting — had a program on student success that included information specifically about COD and she wishes more trustees had been there. Information on completion rate, transfer rate, success rate and enrollment in remedial programs at COD –all this was presented at the meeting.

Trustee McGuire reports that the COD Foundation raised more money than they had targeted. Congratulations. She reported on the Carney Art Collection at the College. Foundation is wrapping up its annual COD 4 COD which raised almost 30,000 for scholarships and programs.

Trustee Svoboda reports on the older adults. She enthusiastically reported on a meeting on the Lifelong Learning group.

Trustee McGuire — comments on the PACE report, looking forward to Bente reporting on it.

The BoT goes into closed session under the Illinois Open Meeting Acts.

Good night and good luck.