Dec 19, 2013 – Post Partum

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Dec 19, 2013 – Post 4


Trustee Svoboda reported on her work on a pension committee of ICCTA and how the new pension legislation would impact community colleges. An issue is being able to attract people to work in Illinois given that they will work under new pension caps. Colleges will have to establish private funds to make up the difference for highly paid people such as presidents who are recruited from states with better pension programs.

Foundation report given enthusiastically by Trustee McGuire. She mentioned several specific gifts including one from a construction company. There will be a fundraiser on March 8.

Trustee Savage mentioned that the trustees had toured new facilities today and that she appreciated the fact that there was a conference for veterans on campus today. She also thanked Bob Hazard for his service as Vice President of the faculty association.

Next BOT meeting January 23, 2014 at 7pm.

Adjournment at 8:03pm.

Dec 19, 2013 – Post 3

Trustee Discussion Items

This portion of the meeting is a new format. It’s open discussion, not action items.

Trustee Svoboda read prepared comments about art that was removed from the PE Building, with special attention to a large and significant mural, Aidos, that many feel has great value. At the November board meeting, several people spoke passionately about this particular piece of art and its history and creation here at COD. (See for example

“The College” (not clear who made this decision) has apparently decided not to maintain the mural or reinstall it, and has stopped paying for the storage. Members of the community (retired faculty) have taken responsibility for paying for the storage. Conversation ensued with Svoboda, Hamilton, and Savage making comments. Hamilton suggested we should reinstall a smaller part of the original. There is a petition with a significant number of names from all over the district asking to preserve the mural. Trustee Savage mentioned that she appreciated the YouTube videos describing the piece’s history. Trustee McGuire suggested that somehow the piece could be repurposed or adapted to the new PE building space.

Trustee Svoboda asked for more discussion of how we respect the college’s history especially with regard to pieces of art. There was also discussion about the process of how the discussion item would be turned into an action item. This part of the meeting is devoted for discussion only; no action can be taken because it is not an agenda item. The student trustee mentioned that student input would be helpful. Chair Birt recommended that more time is needed to shape an agenda item that might be ready for action; more information can be provided to the Board.

Dec 19, 2013 – Post 2

The Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda was moved and seconded. Information items, approval of minutes, financial reports, bid items (signage packages, project management, technical projects, tennis courts), ratification of personnel items, ratification of construction change orders, about half a million dollars for construction at Naperville Regional Center.

Trustee Svoboda commented positively on the selection of the Bailey Edwards construction firm for the Naperville Center which is a woman-owned small business. She also commented on a grant we received for work supporting emergency management.

Trustee McGuire commented positively on the plans for the Naperville Center. She asked for information about whether we have space issues for Homeland Security programs. A member of the audience was called on to say that because some programs are held away from campus, there is no issue.

Dec 19, 2013 – Post 1

Roll call proceeds…. All is normal. All are present. The agenda is approved, and presentations commence.

Professional development presentation

  • Linda Sands-Vankerk informed us that the TLC has been rebuilt over the past few years.
  • We heard a Teaching and Learning Center presentation by Judy Coates, focusing on “Learning and Organizational Development.” She introduced her staff and the “TLC Partners” – constituencies that interact with and support the TLC. Coates’ comments emphasized all the various inputs from different people, including a training needs assessment for the full college.
  • Sands-Vankerk came back to the podium to describe the COD Leadership Academy, which is targeted to different levels/categories of employees. The “Leadership Success Factors” are tied to COD’s core values.
  • There were several compliments and questions from trustees.

Student Trustee report: Pizza with the President was successful and appreciated. A coat drive collected 40 coats.


Glenn Hansen, CODFA President, referred to the many members of the community who spoke last month. As the building renovations are completed, significant art pieces should be reinstalled. As retired COD faculty wish to continue to teach, treat them as people, not as problems or liabilities.

Michael Dusek, representative of the CODAA, asked that the College change its approach to annuitants to allow them to continue teaching at COD. These faculty have valuable experiences and knowledge and the ability to mentor other faculty and establish relationships with students. Dusek referenced new legislation that could ease the problems of continuing to hire emeritus faculty to teach.

Live Blogging Tonight!

Faculty volunteers will be live-blogging this evening at the College of DuPage Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting. Our trustees are elected by the voters in District 502, a community college district mostly in DuPage County.

The BOT is the boss of the College’s president and is responsible for oversight of all functions and operations of the College of DuPage, a trusted and respected community resource.

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