Dec 19, 2013 – Post 1

Roll call proceeds…. All is normal. All are present. The agenda is approved, and presentations commence.

Professional development presentation

  • Linda Sands-Vankerk informed us that the TLC has been rebuilt over the past few years.
  • We heard a Teaching and Learning Center presentation by Judy Coates, focusing on “Learning and Organizational Development.” She introduced her staff and the “TLC Partners” – constituencies that interact with and support the TLC. Coates’ comments emphasized all the various inputs from different people, including a training needs assessment for the full college.
  • Sands-Vankerk came back to the podium to describe the COD Leadership Academy, which is targeted to different levels/categories of employees. The “Leadership Success Factors” are tied to COD’s core values.
  • There were several compliments and questions from trustees.

Student Trustee report: Pizza with the President was successful and appreciated. A coat drive collected 40 coats.


Glenn Hansen, CODFA President, referred to the many members of the community who spoke last month. As the building renovations are completed, significant art pieces should be reinstalled. As retired COD faculty wish to continue to teach, treat them as people, not as problems or liabilities.

Michael Dusek, representative of the CODAA, asked that the College change its approach to annuitants to allow them to continue teaching at COD. These faculty have valuable experiences and knowledge and the ability to mentor other faculty and establish relationships with students. Dusek referenced new legislation that could ease the problems of continuing to hire emeritus faculty to teach.