Dec 19, 2013 – Post 4


Trustee Svoboda reported on her work on a pension committee of ICCTA and how the new pension legislation would impact community colleges. An issue is being able to attract people to work in Illinois given that they will work under new pension caps. Colleges will have to establish private funds to make up the difference for highly paid people such as presidents who are recruited from states with better pension programs.

Foundation report given enthusiastically by Trustee McGuire. She mentioned several specific gifts including one from a construction company. There will be a fundraiser on March 8.

Trustee Savage mentioned that the trustees had toured new facilities today and that she appreciated the fact that there was a conference for veterans on campus today. She also thanked Bob Hazard for his service as Vice President of the faculty association.

Next BOT meeting January 23, 2014 at 7pm.

Adjournment at 8:03pm.