January 23, 2014 – After the Fact

The next meeting is February 20, 2014.

We had a nice chat with Prudy Widlak, so nice to see her – she was representing the Annuitants Association.

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We encourage anyone who has questions or comments about the meeting to direct them to COD’s Trustees, elected representatives who oversee the College of DuPage on behalf of the citizens of the district. More information about the BOT and the trustees can be found here: http://www.cod.edu/about/board_of_trustees/

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January 23, 2014 – Post 3

The Consent Agenda

No items were removed from the consent agenda.

Among a few items noted:

  • There was a “board retreat” in December.
  • Waterleaf gets $60,000 for meat.
  • Proton Therapy Advanced Certificate program.

Trustee Hamilton stated that the Board’s audit committee believes that the audit of WDCB was good. Trustee Savage commented on this as well.

Trustee Svoboda commented positively on the Proton Therapy program as a new opportunity for students.

The consent agenda was approved unanimously.

New Business – two items

1. The concealed carry policy was provided for information only.

2. Fraternal Order of Police contract extension was approved. Trustee Savage abstained.

Go to the board packet for more information about these interesting items. There was no discussion of them at the meeting. 

Download the packet, which is a large pdf, and jump to page 145 to find the concealed carry policy. The FOP contract information starts on page 152.

January 23, 2014 – Post 2

Comments from COD Employees and Students

Glenn Hansen, Faculty Association President, honored the service of the outgoing vice president of the association, Robert Hazard, and welcomed the new vice president, Richard Jarman. He also congratulated the COD Fraternal Order of Police on their successful contract extension. He also asked that the BOT do more to take its work to the community, including streaming the meetings, and publicizing extra meetings such as the Board Retreat held in December.

Richard Jarman, Faculty Association Vice President, acknowledged the LEED awards/certifications to new buildings and renovations on campus. Jarman suggested that the college could go further, especially by using renewable energy sources generated locally, as the time approaches when these options are becoming economically feasible. COD should be a leader, not a follower, in this important field, by establishing projects in sustainable energy. There are sources of funding for such projects.

Michael Bass, COD Student, represented the Entrepreneurship Club. Three initiatives: a “head start” program in the high schools for entrepreneurship; COD Business Connect to create specific student discounts with local businesses; the third ran out of time….

Sam Ortega Rivera, COD Student, represented the Student Leadership Council and described several recent leadership development projects and programs, as well as volunteering at a food pantry.

January 23, 2014 – Post 1

Call to Order and Opening Acts

The roll was called and all were present except Trustee McGuire.

The agenda was moved and seconded. Trustee Svoboda commented that she had hoped to see the earlier discussion of the mural appear on the agenda as an action item with a recommendation. Chair Birt reacted that she did not receive a formal request to have that item placed on the agenda and commented about the process related to a Trustee discussion item. More information has been provided about the mural to the trustees. Discussion ensued about the process by which Trustee Svoboda could have an action item placed on the agenda. Trustee Savage agreed that further action should be taken relating to the mural. Trustee Svoboda also stated that she had asked to have the SURS Return to Work issue placed on tonight’s agenda. She mentioned that she had provided information by email in December and made suggestions about people who could further educate the BOT. The tone of this became a bit heated as Chair Birt responded by raising the question of whether the board was really ready to have the discussion. Trustee Svoboda said yes, we are. Chair Birt ended the discussion and the agenda was approved.

Special presentation by the Chief of the Naperville Fire Department, who presented President Breuder with a brightly wrapped gift and asked him to open it in the public meeting. “It’s a get out of jail free card,” Breuder stated, holding up a folder containing a large gold badge.

College Branding Update – Joe Moore. Moore started with a brief overview of brand concepts and research conducted by the team working on the COD branding project. Details of the research and findings were provided to the trustees on flash drives. Implications of the research included stressing academic strengths, transfer programming, and the ability of students to get most elements of a “real” college experience here at COD. A brief slide show demonstrated the brand concept. Interesting tagline “Welcome to the new school of thought.” Several slides followed showing the brand concept in poster/ad designs. There will be a big internal launch in late February and the launch for outside audiences in late March. The Trustees expressed strong positive responses.

Student Trustee reported on Advocacy Day and other outreach efforts. Statewide Day of Service will be held on March 1. Coffee Connections event on Feb 4 for student leadership to meet with students.

No president’s report.