January 23, 2014 – Post 3

The Consent Agenda

No items were removed from the consent agenda.

Among a few items noted:

  • There was a “board retreat” in December.
  • Waterleaf gets $60,000 for meat.
  • Proton Therapy Advanced Certificate program.

Trustee Hamilton stated that the Board’s audit committee believes that the audit of WDCB was good. Trustee Savage commented on this as well.

Trustee Svoboda commented positively on the Proton Therapy program as a new opportunity for students.

The consent agenda was approved unanimously.

New Business – two items

1. The concealed carry policy was provided for information only.

2. Fraternal Order of Police contract extension was approved. Trustee Savage abstained.

Go to the board packet for more information about these interesting items. There was no discussion of them at the meeting. 

Download the packet, which is a large pdf, and jump to page 145 to find the concealed carry policy. The FOP contract information starts on page 152.