Feb 20, 2014 Board Meeting Preview

Tonight’s board packet can be downloaded in full from this link:

To make the packet easier to review, save it to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader. Under the View menu, select Navigation Panels, then select Bookmarks. An outline of the full document will appear on the left side of the pdf.

Tonight’s Consent Agenda contains a number of items of interest to all, including the following:

  • Item 9.B.7 includes appointment of a new tenure-line faculty member in Education and recommendations for tenure for eight full-time faculty.
  • Item 9.B.8 lists administrator reappointments including their contract length. By referring to this list, you can see the end date of each administrator’s contract, using the symbol key at the bottom of the page. Administrators whose names do not appear will not have their contracts renewed/extended.

Under New Business, there are three items.

  • Concealed Carry Policy (10.B.1) is up for approval this month. This items was previously presented for information last month but was not discussed at the meeting.
  • New Business Item 10.B.2 is a contract extension for the Operating Engineers Union Local #399.
  • Tuition and Fees FY2015 (10.B.3) is listed for approval at tonight’s meeting. Several pages of analysis/rationale accompany this item. The increase in cost per credit hour to students is $6, from $140 to $146.