Feb 20, 2014 – Post 2


Chuck Currier presented three technology services. He emphasized the very large number of devices that connect through COD’s IT services, 13,000 per day.

  • IntelliResponse. This is the natural language searching function on the College website. Demonstrated how it works on a mobile device (he used his phone because the laptop at the podium was not wired correctly and did not have an Internet connection).
    • Trustee McGuire asked what percentage of students are online. It’s around 12 percent, but only about a quarter of those are truly “distance” learners; the rest are taking a mixture of online and face-to-face classes.
  • Google Maps. Again using his phone, Currier demonstrated that floor plans and room numbers are now available, along with walking routes for pedestrians on campus.
  • Chap App. Student gets notifications, can view schedule, grades for each term. Notifications can include reasons for registration holds. Student events and other types of information such as frequently called numbers available thru menus. This will be available starting around the end of next week.

Student Trustee’s Report. SLC fundraising project March 3-7 with a pre-sale week in addition. The sale of bracelets benefits charity. Partnered with Phi Theta Kappa.

Consent Agenda. No items were removed from the Consent Agenda. Comments:

  • Trustee Savage asked for a correction to the minutes to reflect that she did not vote aye on the police contract – she abstained. Chair Birt stated that the correction had been made in the most current minutes.
  • Trustee Svoboda made a comment to congratulate the newly tenured faculty members.
  • Trustee McGuire commented that she was very satisfied with an explanation she received regarding the use of outside educational partners to provide certain programs.

The Consent Agenda was approved unanimously.