Feb 20, 2014 – Post 1

Roll Call & Other Opening Acts

The meeting is called to order and all trustees are present. The approval of the agenda proceeded without discussion.

A closed session was announced for early in the meeting. The public comments proceeded first.

College of DuPage Employees:

Glenn Hansen, President of the Faculty Association and Faculty Senate, congratulated colleagues being recommended for tenure. Hansen challenged the process by which items are placed on the Board’s agenda and asked when a decision would be made about the PE mural issue and the Return to Work policy. He asked, where is the video, and why are the meetings not being streamed? He protested the use of transferred operating funds to build a new building. He admonished the board as trustees and representatives elected by citizens for raising tuition and fees at the expense of those who can least afford it.

Richard Jarman, Vice President of the Faculty Association, also addressed financial issues, pointing to the common practice of benchmarking tuition increases with other schools. He reviewed a sequence of financial decisions including the recent tax abatement, as well as the very large contribution to the fund balance at the end of the last fiscal year. At face value, he said, regardless of the complexities and nuances of COD’s finances, it appears as though we are giving money to those who are most able to pay while taking money from those least able.

College of DuPage Students:

Monica Dinh, COD freshman, spoke on behalf of students who work hard and study hard, who value their education because they pay for it themselves or whose parents truly make significant sacrifices. She asked the board not to add to their financial burden.

Sam Guererro, member of the Student Leadership Council, asked that the Board reduce the proposed increase in order to mitigate the effect of a large increase. He stated having a much larger jump in the future would also negatively impact students.

Jerry Vachaparambil, a COD alum, said that COD should live within its means, referring to his business ethics class and what he learned about stakeholder theory.

The board went into closed session to discuss confidential personnel matters.