March 20, 2014 – Post 2

Following Pres. Breuder’s speech, Executive VP Joe Collins stood at the microphone and described examples of Baccalaureate degrees that represent what COD might offer right now in its existing programs. Pres. Breuder added that at Harper, the Foundation was willing to pay the state’s portion.

Trustee Savage stated fyi that she asked the ICCB Governmental Relations Committee to put this on the agenda.

Trustee McGuire asked Breuder what he thinks about the for-profits and whether they will push-back. Breuder stated the for-profits should be monitored, and where we beat the for-profits is on price and what it costs people to come here.

Trustee Svoboda stated she is happy we are having this discussion. She compared it to Northwoods University. She stated “what you’re talking about makes sense to me.”

Student Trustee Torres also stated she is glad this is being discussed.

President Breuder started speaking at 7:15 and held the floor for most of the discussion until 7:59.