March 20, 2014 – Post 3

Good Evening, I’m Glenn Hansen, President of the Faculty Association and Faculty Senate,

It is exciting to see COD’s commitment to jobs in the manufacturing area. It is important to note that as we meet, County Chairman is addressing the DuPage United Assembly to celebrate the joint effort to link jobs and people.

May is approaching quickly and you have not had a public discussion of the SURS Return to Work rules. Which means the end of a relationship with many loyal employees. We’ve had many discussions internally, but I’ve not heard you weigh in on the issue. I’d like you to seriously consider allowing faculty to teach one class in fall and spring semester and staff to work an equivalent. If a SURS annuitant’s previous salary was above $160,000, maybe we should say NO thank you, but this blanket approach is going to affect people who may not earn that much before they die. Be a Leader.

After the comments made at your meeting 2 weeks ago, it is time to remember that we all live in glass houses, some bigger than others. There is no need to talk about how much we make and how little work you think we do, that’s a cliché. If more than 55 senior faculty have retired in the last 3 years and you hire most at A-1 or A-5, the average salary is probably not as high as it was when the same figure was used 2 years ago during negotiations.

COD should be the best place to work, we all should be well paid, if we are the best. And we hire the best, don’t we? There should be 100 applicants for every job, we should have the luxury of picking the best. I’m concerned when the applicant’s pool is tiny. We are located in a very expensive county, we are no longer a rural county. You pay well to get the best.

In the end, what was once rich fertile farm land is now a quarry and there are plenty of stones to throw and many windows to break. It’s time to stop it.

We have also grown tired of the phrase, trust me. And the Columbo style of management, one last question, accusation, or gotcha as we leave the room.

I think it is really important that the PACE survey is going to take place this spring. VP Benté has assured the Shared Governance Council that no answer can be traced to an individual. I hope all employees take part and answer every question honestly. Then we all will know where we stand. If faculty say, everything is great and that my comments have been wrong, I will be the first to say “I was mistaken”. We’ll also know if the faculty are lazy or if there is some other reason they won’t serve on VP Benté’s committee.

Internally, we have reached a watershed moment. “Trust me, I’ll take care of you” no longer works.

Please consider the difference between Trust and Trustworthy.