March 20, 2014 – Post 5

COD Students Public Comments

Brad Setter, COD Student. He stated his support for adding “gender identity and expression” to the board policies.

Karen Woznicki, COD Student. She spoke in support of the Community Farm and described its value to her and to other students, including young students at the Early Childhood Education Center. She stated her experiences have developed her knowledge, speaking skills, and experience in the field, and plans to transfer, as an agriculture student, to Colorado State.

Steven Tusher, COD Student. He spoke in support of the Community Education Farm. He completed his service learning requirements at the Community Farm, and spoke about its value to him and his observation that a wide variety of people and classes utilize the farm. He stated he likes volunteering there and would like to continue to do so. He thinks it’s a shame if future students can’t do it too.

Miguel Marino, VP of Student Leadership Council. He reported on the Phi Theta Kappa and Sci Fi Club and the coordinator for the SLC, and added that the Butero Project sold 530 Buteros out of 600. He also announced that Stephanie Torres was elected President of SLC, and Michelle Gallardo was elected Vice President. The new student trustee is Omar Escamilla.

Kay McKean, Dupage County resident. Founder of an environmental group SCARCE. Spoke in support of the Community Farm. Stated she has personally brought over 300 area high school and grade school teachers to visit the Community Farm. McKean also helps Elmhurst and North Central, and she has used what she learned from COD Faculty to help the other colleges. She’s also brought Girl Scouts troops and troop leaders to the Community Farm.