March 20, 2014 – Post 7

New Business

Discussion of the revised Board Policies re: “gender identity.”

Approved the “Restrict A Portion of the FY 2014 Unrestricted Fund Balance and Realign a Portion of he Existing Restrict Fund Balance”

Approved Naming Honor for the Belushi Performance Center

Approved Naming Honor for the Bjarne Ullsvik Football Stadium


Trustee Svoboda reported on the ICCB meeting.

Trustee Savage described a SURS seminar she attended and what she learned about the SURS Back to Work legislation.

Trustee McGuire reported on the Foundation Board meeting.

Trustee Svoboda spoke about an event with Jim Belushi.

Trustee Svoboda also spoke about the Board Workshop and “lifelong learning” advocacy. She is please to say she is included in a new advisory committee on this topic. Also, at the last meeting, we talked about college history and Svoboda met with Breuder to look at language regarding procedures that accompany each policy.

Birt announced the next meeting. She also announced the Board will go into closed session. She stated no board action will take place after the closed session is over.

Next Regular COD BOT Meeting: Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 7pm in SSC 2200.