April 17, 2014 Meeting Preview

Tonight’s board packet can be downloaded in full from this link:

To make the packet easier to review, save it to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader. Under the View menu, select Navigation Panels, then select Bookmarks. An outline of the full document will appear on the left side of the pdf.

Items of note from the agenda:

  • The new Student Trustee, Omar Escamilla, will be sworn in.
  • Tonight’s meeting includes the Board’s annual “reorganization.” Officers will be elected or re-elected.
  • Outstanding Faculty and Jack Kent Cook Scholar (award to outstanding transfer student) will be presented to the Trustees.
  • First read of Historical Preservation policy. This appears to be a response to the PE mural issue discussed at previous meetings.
  • First read of policy in support of baccalaureate degrees. (Read the rationale provided in 10.A.2 of this month’s packet.)
  • Approval of policy for an unrestricted fund balance that matches 50% of the college’s operating budget.
  • Approval of compensation increases for various constituency groups (excluding full-time faculty) at 4.15%.