April 17, 2017 – Post 4

The Consent Agenda

No items were pulled from the Consent Agenda. Secretary O’Donnell read the agenda.

New Business

Trustee Svoboda commented that she has been working with President Breuder on the policy about historical preservation.

All board policy motions were approved unanimously without discussion, except that Trustee Savage commented on the new policy language about gender expression and thanked Brad Sitter for speaking.

The board raced through the remaining business items with fast roll call votes. Trustee McGuire commented positively on our participation in the Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund.


The various trustees reported on their travels and projects. Trustee Hamilton noted that she had distributed copies of a presentation on four-year programs and that she has learned more about the pros and cons. Trustee McGuire pointed to an opinion piece in a local paper raising questions. Hamilton noted that programs in Florida are funded differently from a different tax base.

Trustee McGuire commented about the number of articles coming through ICCTA about the role of adjunct faculty and newer trends in how their contracts are being written. She asked if we are aware of this conversation and mentioned a new approach at the U of I.

Trustee Savage reported on a recent visit to the Waterleaf and asked President Breuder to describe the Easter weekend program. He commented that the restaurant is fully booked for several days in a row.

Next regular meeting Thursday, May 22, at 7pm.