May 22, 2014 – Post 1

Call to Order, Roll Call, and Approval of Agenda

All are present. Agenda unanimously approved.


  • Naperville Center. Presentation by Bailey Edward architecture firm representatives. Five goals of renovation including added light, new student assistance area. Themes of the renovation, including landscaping, are discovery and transformation. Landscaping will be constantly changing (not clear whether this will be a natural process or involve constant replanting). Building is being re-engineered for energy conservation. Color and “layering” in design adds to feeling of discovery. Some walls will be transparent. Slides showed interior and exterior views. There were several favorable comments and questions.
  • Model UN. Professor David Goldberg, Political Science, reported on a trip to Charlotte, NC with students and co-adviser Professor Christian Goergen. The Model UN team won five awards and competed successfully against teams at the national level. Our students were among the best prepared. Two students spoke about their experiences researching their topics in advance, debating with other delegates, and negotiating resolutions. The club president mentioned his appreciation of funding for the team since they were able to focus on their mission rather than fundraising. He emphasized that the central goal of Model UN is to pursue excellence and reinforce character. “The measure of a college is not its aesthetics but the excellence of its students.”
  • Budget. Glazer, Sapyta, and Vergilio represented the Finance and Budget office. The budget has to be available for public comment for 30 days. Budget environment includes the State of Illinois with its debt and pension liabilities unresolved. Assume that state funding will continue to be only partially paid with 8 out of 12 payments in budget; assume that Veterans scholarships will remain unfunded (about $800k). Several board decisions have hedged COD against these issues. Extensive construction and renovation will give way to maintenance – our oldest building will be from 2009, which reduces our liabilities. Labor costs include increases in salaries, higher health insurance costs, and new staff. In presenting the budget highlights, Glaser mentioned that while some people feel that the college is all about landscaping and construction, the priority reflected in the budget is teaching & learning. Slides and detail were drawn from the “Budget Book” provided to the trustees (this post will be updated later with a link to budget information provided to the public, assuming we can find it).
    Five-year plan based on continuing increases in enrollment, but significant risks in loss of state funding, “cadillac tax” against health care plans.
    Trustees Savage and McGuire asked questions… There was some exchange over projected increases in enrollment; it was mentioned that there is likely to be a “top” to the number of students we can bring in.
    Trustee Hamilton raised concern about depending on enrollment growth in order to fund a new building project – that growth is not reflected in the five-year plan. Breuder addressed this in terms of choosing between conservative fiscal management and “rolling the dice.”
    Summer enrollments are down overall, here and elsewhere, which projects enrollment going down for Fall.
    VP Dowling was called on to present an internal campaign, “Chaparral Pride,”
    in which stories are being collected among people who work all around COD (not just in admissions) who are recruiting new students to meet a new record high enrollment for Fall 2014.
    President Breuder said that he wants to budget conservatively so that extra revenues can be used later, rather than having to ask for budgeted funds to be given back.
    There was quite a bit of discussion about this topic with Trustees asking questions and Breuder and Glaser responding. Breuder mentioned several times that there are 4% salary increases across the board to all who work at COD and that is a significant budget factor.