Wrapping up the May 2014 Meeting: Thanks for Visiting Our Blog!

At the most recent meting of the COD Board of Trustees, May 22, 2014, important topics of discussion were the college’s new budget and five-year plan, as well as a proposed new academic building. There was also a long consent agenda, adopted without discussion, that included many construction bids, purchase orders, and personnel decisions. The faculty contract was extended for two years. For more details, please read the posts below in full and reference the board packet, which can be found at this link: http://www.cod.edu/about/board_of_trustees/pdf/packets/2014may22packet.pdf

COD’s FY2015 budget was formally presented last night. The public has 30 days to comment. Budget documents are posted on the College website, linked from this page: http://www.cod.edu/about/office_of_the_president/planning_and_reporting_documents/financial.aspx (Scroll down below the Annual Financial Reports.)

The purpose of this blog is to provide almost-real-time reporting from College of DuPage Board of Trustees meetings. The next meeting will be Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 7pm.

Posts from previous meetings, going back to December 2013, appear below. To suggest a correction of any error in these posts, please email codfaboardblog@gmail.com.

We encourage anyone who has questions or comments about the meetings to direct them to COD’s Trustees, elected representatives who oversee the College of DuPage on behalf of the citizens of the district. More information about the BOT and the trustees can be found here: http://www.cod.edu/about/board_of_trustees/

More information about the College of DuPage Faculty Association can be found at our website, codfaculty.org. CODFA is composed of the members of the full-time faculty and elects its own officers and Senate. This blog is a project of the Communications Committee of the Faculty Senate.