June 26 Post 3 Regular BoT Meeting

New Business

Approval for a new PN for Military Medical Corpsmen Certificate Program. A certificate program specifically for veterans.

discussion of this certificate.

Unanimously approved.

Chair Birt asks for a motion to approve the 2015 budget.

Trustee McGuire says she reads all the documents that come before her.

There is one area in which she disagrees. She says that the figure indicated for benefits has gone up fomr 4 to 8%. It seems high to her and she would like a more realistic figure.

She is pleased to see new full-time faculty openings.

Likes budgeting by projecting using credit hours not FTE’s.

Trustee McGuire asks about food costs of the College and the budgeting for money for Sodexo. 20,000 annual payment. I’m pretty happy.

Trustee Hamilton — this budget is conservative and because of that it is going to be off. We will be looking at 20-30 million dollars coming in to the College. Let’s bear in mind that these budgets are extremely conservative and they are not very good tools for looking at how much cash we have and how much cash we will have in the future. We tax, we have the power to tax, and we need to keep that in mind when we decide how much we are going to ask the taxpayers to pay.

Trustee Savage — I asked about the EAV floor because it will definitely impact on what we will collect from the taxpayers.

Trustee Hamilton-the tax rate goes up to compensate for the declining property values. That means people have to work extra hard to get that money to the college. If our budget is off, we are exacting money from the taxpayers at a time when it is hard for them.

Trustee Savage: Maybe in the future we will not see the need to raise tuition.

Chair Birt calls roll.

Hamilton votes no.

All other trustees vote yes.

NEXT AGENDA ITEM: Trustee Discussion Items

Student Presentations. Trustee Svoboda talks about how Trustees are not always free to attend student events and presentations they are invited to. She refers to a visit to Lauren Morgan’s speech class to show their research about parking. She was the only BoT member present. What a shame she was the only one present. Perhaps we could have students come to us to do presentations. We are here to serve the student body. I did talk to Trustee Escamilla and Stephanie Torres of SLC to identify class programs/activities/achievements that would come to us with a student perspective in mind. Trustee Svoboda asks the BoT how they can incorporate more visits/presentations form students.

Trustee McGuire says that while there have been some presentations by students, there have not been enough.

Chair Birt says we work in conjunction with the student trustee, whose job it is to bring student concerns to our attention. If the need arises that we need to separate out time for a report or presentation.  We could start out by encouraging Student Trustee Escamilla to bring this to our attention and he can incorporate it into our Student Trustee report. To start we should encourage the student trustee to use that time.

Agenda Item: Announcements

ACCT will be in October. November ICTTA meeting will be incorporated into that October meeting. Since ACCT will be in Chicago, no need to have everybody travel her to Chicago twice.

Trustee Savage adds about the ICTTA Springfield meeting. Svoboda and Savage attended the ICTTA meeting — had a program on student success that included information specifically about COD and she wishes more trustees had been there. Information on completion rate, transfer rate, success rate and enrollment in remedial programs at COD –all this was presented at the meeting.

Trustee McGuire reports that the COD Foundation raised more money than they had targeted. Congratulations. She reported on the Carney Art Collection at the College. Foundation is wrapping up its annual COD 4 COD which raised almost 30,000 for scholarships and programs.

Trustee Svoboda reports on the older adults. She enthusiastically reported on a meeting on the Lifelong Learning group.

Trustee McGuire — comments on the PACE report, looking forward to Bente reporting on it.

The BoT goes into closed session under the Illinois Open Meeting Acts.

Good night and good luck.