Regular Meeting Begins at 7″15

The meeting begins.

Roll call.

Student Trustee Escamilla is absent as he is in class.

Trustee O’Donnell is present via phone.

Trustee Svoboda acts as secretary.

No presentations.

Public comments by employees.

Glenn Hansen, President of CODFA.

Good evening. I’m Glenn Hansen, President of the Faculty Association and the Faculty Senate.


I will begin my comments by again thanking Ms. Mia Igyarto, for her extraordinary effort on behalf of the recently retired faculty who completed an earned compensation project. We truly appreciate your efforts to pay them in May and report the income to SURS as earned. Our hope is that there are no unfortunate consequences for the time shift.


Tonight, there are many decisions to be made by you the Board. However, I have not come here to critique. I have come with questions I can’t answer from my constituents.


From the Faculty:


1. A number of constituents want to know why many of you are distracted when there are guest speakers, especially students? Some of you are shuffling papers, whispering, or actually walking around to talk to someone during their comments.


2. Where does the $17M SURS payment liability come from? When I asked Dr. Breuder, 2½ years ago, he said from VP Tom Glaser. I received a one page copy from some document that turned out to be a report about the payments the State should have made in 2009 to comply with the Edgar Pension reform legislation. No proper citations. We’ve seen no report that the State is planning to have the districts cover its past borrowing from the state pensions. Under a proposed Illinois Policy Institute plan of defined contributions, the districts would pay 7%. That’s $7M on an $100M payroll. The College currently pays $0 for its employees’ pensions. Unless, you’re a Vice President or President. Then COD pays 8% of your gross salary for you to SURS beyond your salary.


Later in last month’s presentation, we were told COD’s liability was $42M. Where does that figure come from?


3. A perennial question is how do you always underspend your operating budget by 10% and then put the money in the bank to spend on other things not in the budget?


4. How can you spend every penny of the building referendum revenue and are only now consider the construction of a new classroom building? Debates about the shortage of classroom space dates back to before the planning stage of the BIC renovation 7 years ago.


5. Are you going to clearly and openly tell the Taxpayers and Students that you are using the money they paid for operating the College for buildings? Shifting funds into building funds happens all the time in districts, usually at negotiations time. But is it right? As taxpayers, we may have some building of our own we could do with that money.


6. Why are you planning building of classrooms, to be defined later, on West Campus rather than Central Campus so students could move between classes quickly and efficiently?



7. And the final question that I’m asked most. To what date has Dr. Breuder’s contract been extended? I can’t answer it. When I asked VP Sands Vankerk, 2 years ago, she didn’t know; but she asked the President. His reply relayed to us was “they have my contract, they can figure it out.” So, how many times have you automatically extended the President’s contract without putting anything on the public record? This is not harassment, just a question from the staff I can’t answer.


Thank you.

Comments from Richard Jarman, Vice President CODFA

Jarman discusses his association with theater at COD which began many years ago. He describes how he viewed performances of the Buffalo Theater Company in order to write up the assigned critiques of performances required by the acting  class he was taken. Thus he began his time as a regular attendee of theater performances and as a performer. He speaks of the positive impact that BTE has had on young minds for many years at COD. Hundreds of people have signed a petition to support keeping BTE on campus. His words are sadly not a plea for BTE but a requiem, as BTE is no more. Jarman would like to ask Why? BTE was very relevant to COD students, why is it gone? Why is not being replaced?

COD student Stephanie Torres speaks. President of SLC. She reports on a conference in Springfield on student leadership. She reflects on how this conference helped her to wonder about some things at COD. New Student Orientation is very important for students, and is available to all students. This and other opportunities for COD students are very important.

Public Comments.

Adam Andrejewski. “You have a real stark culture contrast in front of you today.” You have a COD Vice President make an ad hominem attack on me for raising questions.” “What kind of culture are you instilling here when your President at one meeting says he doesn’t really need another building but then at commencement invites the Govern0r during the heightened political season to say that a 30 million dollar project is now going to be a 50 million dollar project because the Gov gives 20 million dollars during the political season. He asks the BoT how long they will let the president propose unnecessary and vague projects. “This is a substantial question of government and it is in your lap.”

There is stunned silence in the room.

Chairman Birt moves to the Consent Agenda. Asks for a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. Trustee McGuire makes a shout out to the Naperville Rotary Club and the Downtown (Naperville) Rotary for their contributions to COD scholarships.

No further commentary on the Consent Agenda. Acting Secretary Svoboda reads through the Consent Agenda.






From faculty: Why are so many of you distracted when we have guest speakers, especially student?

Where does the 17 million dollars SURS liability come from?