July 17 BoT Meeting Post 3

Glenn Hansen, CODFA President reads statement crafted by Faculty Senate and approved by 100% of Faculty Senate:

July 17, 2014

To the College of DuPage Board of Trustees:

The statements of Dr. Robert L. Breuder, President of the College of DuPage, in his May 9th e-mail, are in opposition to the Institutional Shared Values of integrity, honesty, responsibility and trust. The Faculty Senate cannot condone or support the statements of strategy expressed by Dr. Breuder as President of College of DuPage in his May 9th e-mail to you.

We, the Senate, the elected representatives of the full-time faculty, call on the Board of Trustees to investigate and respond publically to the statements made by Dr. Breuder.

The President’s actions have reached a tipping point that challenges future plans for COD. While many have questioned various actions and statements by the President, the focus must be on this event of poor judgment. We, the College of DuPage, have had our institutional integrity damaged. We will all own this by our compliance and indicate our approval through our silence.

The statements in the e-mail, by the President, are evidence of an attitude and deeply held belief that violates our trust and are in opposition to Board Policies. We expect our leaders to accept responsibility for their actions, “business as usual” or “it should have been said differently”, are not acceptable excuses. Your Board Policies clearly state the expected behavior of and the responsibilities to be performed by the College President. Your Ethics Ordinance enacting State law, prohibit activities to solicit votes in public elections and the use of College property for that purpose.

It is now July 17th, and you, the Trustees, have had knowledge of this e-mail expressing an unacceptable strategy to solicit funds from the State since May 9th. Your silence condones and supports this e-mail. We, the Faculty, now ask you, “is this your position?” If you do not support the President’s strategies, publicly state this. We ask that you fulfill your duties as Trustees; evaluate the President and hold him accountable for consequences of his actions.

We await your prompt public response.

College of DuPage Faculty Senate

Glenn Hansen, President

Richard Jarman, Vice President

Richard Jarman, Vice PResident speaks:

He speaks of the e-mail that was released at the last BoT meeting as a huge surprise to CODFA, though he notes that the BoT had that e-mail for some time before that.

He notes that he and Glenn Hansen represent the faculty as elected representatives.

He notes the Chicago Tribune  editorial piece “Use it Or Lose It” that discusses COD expenditures in recent years. He notes how generous the District has been to the College with the 550 million of taxpayer money from 2 referenda.  He wonders why the proposed Teaching and Learning Center was not part of that 550 million.

underspending conservative budgets, squeezing educational services.  How did this reserve get built up so quickly. In this case, whose money is in the bank?  IT is the taxpayers.

Next Speaker: COD Student Kareem Atcha.  Wants to talk about the same matters that the Faculty Association has spoken about. He refers to the two newspaper article about COD.

He shows a graph he created of tuition increases at other community colleges in the region. Talks about tuition increases and what students have gotten. He shows information from public education websites that show that student services spending at COD has been cut drastically over the last few years. Spending on services per student have dropped dramatically while tuition has gone up.  He notes that students do not eat at Waterleaf and will not be able to afford eating at that restaurant,. He notes that the “C” in COD stands for “College” not Country Club.

Sam Ortega Guerrero, past president of Student Leadership. He notes he is concerned about third party accusations against COD.   He calls the e-mail sent by President Brueder was inappropriate.  However he says the question is really does COD need more space, and should the State partially fund those spaces?  We are nearly at 90% capacity during peak hours and we need to address that.  Should the State fund such a project? In my mind, a resounding “yes.”  He lauds COD under President Brueder. He says it is impossible to ignore the results. Why should we feel guilty about accepting 20 million dollars that the State had already appropriated for COD?  It makes no sense to me that no one would oppose the expansion of this college.

Laura Reigle — Citizen Comment. Resident of COD District. Would like to remind the BoT members of their responsibility to the citizens. She refers to an article in the Daily Herald and a quote by Joe Collins, stating that Executive Vice President did not present an accurate picture when he said we were out of space and needed more classroom space.  She questions the information provided by Collins and says rather than an increase in enrollment there has been a decrease.  She debates Collins’ denial that the new building was not expansion for expansion’s sake.  Reigle asks the 6 Trustees who voted yes on that building should reconsider their vote.  A building that costs 50 million dollars should only be built with voter approval.  She disputes enrollment information provided by the College. She will provide all research she has provided to the Trustees and anybody else who wants it.

Next Speaker –Jack Norris. Recent college graduate from a Big 10 university.  Talks about large amount of student debt that nationally students are facing. He notes he took  classes at COD that could be transferred to his university without ever setting foot on COD campus. He gives information on the rapid growth of enrollment in on-line classes in Illinois community colleges.  Many others did the same thing.  Why is COD spending so much money on construction when on-line students who do not set foot on campus when instead you could be lowering tuition for students.

Jeff Cooper. Glen Ellyn resident of 18 year, 27 in DuPAge.  Small business owner for many years. Successful business that has employed many district people.  He notes he saw the strategy of Brueder to get money for a project that should not happen. For everybody besides Kathy Hamilton who won with many more votes than most Trustees, should be applauded and her strong courageous voice should be heard more often.  All other Trustees-  this is disgusting governance.  He notes that Joe Collins made a back of the envelope calculation in the middle of a meeting about a 50 million construction project.  He asks the Bot to do a study of the real needs for a new building.  Do a cost analysis that includes an analysis of how much it would take to maintain and operate the building.  The scandal that was exposed last week is a scnadla.  It shows how poorly President Brueder has managed our money and students’ money.

Next Speaker: Denise Cottone.  Illinois Tea Party Coordinator.  This scandal of last week was an embarrassment for this school. President Brueder and Chair Birt, you should be embarrassed.  Congratulations to Kathy Hamilton for standing strongly for reform.  Courageous for writing an editorialto the Daily Herals.  COD scandal — embarrassing for all students and faculty members of COD.  She quotes Gov. Quinn\’s disapproval in a statement to the Tribune.  Where is the public discussion of this among the Board members.  Dr. Brueder shoud resign. If he doesn’t resign, what are you going to do Chairman Birt?  What are you going to do?