July 17 BoT Post 6

Consent Agenda.

95.F has been removed from the consent agenda by Trustee Savage —  Roger C. Marquardt and Co. Contract Extension.

Question from Trustee McGuire. Notes that 3 of 4 new faculty are coming from our own adjunct faculty. She notes it is good to see that being an adjunct is a career path.

Consents Agenda passes unanimously.

Discussion of 95 F Marquardt Contract Extension is open. This is a lobbying firm located in Springfield. It provides services to “help the College advance its legislative agenda within the county and in Washington.”

Trustee Savage notes that June 30 was when contract expired. I and Trustee McGuire have been concerned in the past that these kinds of contract bids and extensions have a clearer process. Why are we extending a contract for 6 months rather than a whole year?

Trustee McGuire is concerned that Scott Marquardt is on the Foundation Board as well as a vendor contracted by the college. We don’t want an appearance of impropriety, having him on the Foundation Board. We need to make sure it is a competitive bid.  We have not evaluated other lobbying firms since I have been on the Board.  We should be doing that.

Savage suggests that we might want to do a rfp process for this service. We might want a broader search for it.

Debate about 6 month extension vs. rfp process continues with McGuire, Savage and Svoboda.

Svoboda asks what Savage is asking the BoT to do?

6 month contract extension — motion to pass the extension.

Trustee Savage votes no. Other Trustees all vote yes.

Trustee Discussion Items.

Trustee Svoboda talks about Trustees being invited to attend classroom and student presentations but oftentimes Trustees schedules do not permit.  Therefore since all Trustees are present at Board meetings perhaps we could have student presentations at Board meetings.

Discussion — Student Trustee says it is a good idea.

Chair Birt asks Trustees to e-mail or call her with ideas for what presentations might be good. Asks Trustees to let her know with two weeks advance notice to put student presentations on the BoT meeting agenda.


Trustee Svoboda. Nothing new on ICCTA other than that she has been asked to serve as chair or government relations committee. Thus she will be attending the retreat in August. Trustee Savage will also be attending on Friday but not Saturday. COD will have two Trustees at the ICCTA meeting.

Chair Birt wants to make comments. She says the attention has felt threatening.  There are people who have personal agendas. But I do not hide anything. People can dig into anything they want to. I will not hide anything. So I will disclose that when I was 23, 14 years ago, I was arrested for a DUI. I have since become a lawyer and have

I am the spokepeson for this Board. I will address the recent misstatements made to this Board by Ms. Hamilton.  She can speak as a private citizen.  But that right is not absolute. She cannot misstate what action this Board has taken.  This Board voted 6-1 to approve a 30 million dollar building, not a 50 million building.  Previously this Board had approved unanimously this building.

Birt goes through a chronology of funding for the project, and the votes that took place.

The College has not misrepresented the need for a need for new Teaching and Learning Center. I have for anybody who wants to review it, an audit that has been made looking at the procedure for demolition of the building.

Birt goes through a list of actions that Ms. Hamilton made regarding the possibilities of this building.

Birt suggests that until recently, Trustee Hamilton did not have questions or opposition to the process of funding the building.

Hamilton interrupts and says “when do I get to speak about this? This is kind of an ambush?”

Birt says that the College has been correct in its process of applying for funding for the new Teaching and Learning Center.

This Board approved a 30, not a 50 million dollar Teaching and Learning Center, and it will go forward.

Hamilton’s misstatements negatively impact how this Board operates.

Hamilton says she will respond to Birt about her claims about the chronology of her actions.

Anybody knows that 30 plus 20 million dollars equals 50 millions.

Signing off on an agenda is a different matter. I have agreed on an agenda. I will not keep other Board members from voting on this matter. My approval of agendas does not present to everyone as my consent to this project. I’ve had conversations with Dr. Brueder. I am uncomfortable with this project and I’ve said it in public and in the papers.

Brueder gets up and walks over to talk to others, and Hamilton objects to his getting up in the middle of her talk.

She says we should be talking about an embarrassing e-mail sent by Brueder not a list of dates about agenda preparation.

Very tense moment. Birt says “this is how our agenda meetings go.”  Hamilton objects.

Trustee Savage is “College Changes Everything Day”. Trustee Savage and Svoboda went “at no cost to the College.”