July 17 Post 4

Chuck Hamm, homeowner, Wheaton.  Notes how hard it is for him to pay bills.  He has noted how much COD has been spending on construction.  And now a 50 million dollar new project has been approved.  He decries the way COD has conducted its fiduciary relationship to the district residents.  Is it fiscally responsible for COD to spend 50 million dollars in these difficult economic times until we see what happens with this economy.  He questions the mileage and compensation package for President Brueder (465.00) that are all in the President’s contract. He notes membership in a millionaries hunting club  and his automobile allowance.  What is your opinion — are these expenditures fiscally responsible — even though they are in his contract. Are you (the COD lawyer) sure that those expenditures are legal?

Next speaker: Mark Klimeick.  Resident of Wheaton.  Disturbed by massive perks given to administrators at COD.  Reviews the total compensation of top 9 administrators. He claims these salaries:  172,000 Joe Moore  175,000 Dowling.  180,000 Bente   192,000 Catherine Brody  192,000  Jean Kartje 192,000  192,000 Linda Sans VanKirk   210,000 Currier  220,000 Glaser,  227,000 Collins.  He notesthat students are from working class and middle class familiies, yet million

Jerry Vachaperembul.  Former COD student, now a graduate of U of I. He reviews Brueder’s salary.  He notes that Santa has been very good to Dr. Brueder. He notes perks , pension, insurance policies, professional development, vacation time, etc.  Dr. Brueder gets a tax sheltered annuity.  Housing allowance of 18,000 per year. Deferred compensation plan.  469,000 is total compensation.  And in addition, he is not only a president, the Board gave him permission to have a consulting business on the side.

Ed Corcoran, lifelong resident of Clarendon Hills. Board member of Hinsdale South HS.  I would like to talk about Board governance.  “Tax and spend.” that is not an objective. I want to make 3 suggestions:  1)stop all capital projects except those needed for safety /implement detailed measurable objectives for all projects.  2) freeze both taxes and tuition for at least two years 3) change out the president and any other over-paid management team.  intuitively obvious that 500,00 in salary and benefits of the president of a community college.  That simple step will help bring credibility back to the BoT of COd.  Get some credibility back to this institution.

Adam Andrzewski.  He notes that Glaser admitted how much COD hiked taxes in the District.  He notes how highly paid top administrators are at COD.  He says the administration has used and abused the system.  He disputes COD’s claims to greater enrollment. He notes that Quinn has rescinded all further funding to COd.  He says the Board has allowed the Presidwent to start 4 for profit businesses.  One of these is Waterleaf.  He notes how much was spent on wine and wine accessories here.  He notes that Harper would not allow Brueder to build a wine cellar as COD has.  Max McGraw Foundation.  Bruder has spent 25,000 since 2008 at that hunting club.  Brueder is embarrassing to COD.  Hold him accountable.

Steven Brown, lawyer at a Chicago firm.  Represents KAthy Hamilton, Vice Chair of the BoT.  We have been retained by Kathy Hamilton. We will be watching how you treat Kathy Hamilton.  We hear there will be a closed meeting after this one.  There has to be a reason and rationale which is recognized by Illinois Statutes and we have not found a single one other than disciplinary ones.  We warn you Chair Birt — you have enough trouble as it is and if you touch one hair of Hamilton’s head, it will be a mess.  It will be expensive. I don’t know who will be suing whom, but it will be expensive.