July 17 Post 5

Paula Opatrny.   Citizen at Large comment.  She goes into a story from the college she attended where a president thought a new library would increase enrollment.  2005  Barat College closed its doors because of this “if you build it they will come.” That did not happen. The college could not pay the bills for that building.  She recounts her family’s struggles in the current economy. She asks, COD Board, are you doing harm or good??


Bruno Behrend.  Can the BoT impose that a super majority rather than a simple majority to enforce parts of a contract.  He reads from  Illinois State Community College Code, he says he thinks not.  When a vote is taken, the majority of members   is sufficient.  He disputes whether a super-majority is needed to dismiss the President despite what the COD contract says.  However, he notes that if terminating for cause, you need 5 out of 7.  Illinois Courts invalidated the super-majority clause.  He admits he does not know how that would play out in court, but he wants to bring it to the attention of the Board.

End of public comments.

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