July 17th BoT Meeting Post 1

Call to order, roll call, approval of meeting agenda.

Presentations – Cathy Brod, COD Foundation on FY14 Performance Update

Extraordinary year this year — goal of earning 7.5 million through grants and donors, increasing donors and grow Foundation assets.

Achievements:  raised 11.2 million, increased donors by 225%, grew assets by 32.2% and awarded 1.5 million awarded to students and programs. Exceeded goals in all areas.

Barb Abromitis reported on further details of the Foundations achievements this year.  Foundation awarded FY2014 grants of more than 4 million dollars.

Presentation by Susan Lang Berry, Foundation President Managing Director, The Private Bank. Discusses Foundation Goals: Fundraising Capacity, Infrastructure and Support Services, Support the College and Students,Governance and Board Engagement and Charitable Positioning. We’re here to support the students or our jobs would be meaningless. Discusses her own personal experience of having her children begin their college studies at COD.

Strategic Priority: Fund Raising Capacity.

Implementation of Planned Giving Advisory Committee/Conducted second annual employee campaign, COD4COD/Various community partnerships.

MAC Madness in March — celebrating Jim Belushi./over 300 guests came, many of whom had not been on campus before/raised over 390,000 for the MAC and the John Belushi Scholarship Fund.

Foundation Priority: Support Students. $452,831 went to scholarships/educational equipment/education programs/faculty awards.

Resource for Excellence Grants:  $126,893 awarded.  various programs included the IDEA Center. Also new student enrollment seminars.

Charitable Positioning: dedication of Cleve Carney Art Gallery/launch of distinguished alumni program.

Achievements in Board Governance:  Board Retreat, six new Foundation Board members/one new Emeritus Board member/Audit Committee Charter amended/implementation of Board Recruitment plan.

Completing the move to campus was very helpful to the Foundation.

All Foundation staff were presented to the audience.

Trustee McGuire comments favorably on the Foundation achievements. She is pleased to see 60% of revenue now coming from planned giving.

Trustee Svoboda compliments Foundation on achievements and asks where they are located on campus.

President Brueder says that the numbers speak for themselves.  He praises the extraordinary achievements of the Foundation team.  Also speaks of the efforts to get private sector funds and notes that the Foundation has high achievements in this area as well.

Notes that in August the outcomes document will appear — in the meantime he has asked each member of the Senior Management Tea, to identify two highlights as a prelude to that document.

Chuck Currier, IT: 1) infrastructure. Implemented e-commerce, saves about 2000,00 in credit card processing fees per year  2) Enrollment. Recruiter for international students, first mobile application, speech lecture capture and a financial aid link.

Joe  Moore,  Marketing.  1) Branding effort was enormous took a year and a half to develop. Has proved effectively and is still developing. 2) COD Cares — community relations initiative. emerged from Shared Governance.  Can we bring all the people doing good deeds under one roof — Community Relations developed and implemented this program.  We have “COD Heroes” who are doing service projects off and on campus. Volunteers.

Earl Dowling: Student Affairs 1) Center for Student Diversity. Improving student engagement, improving outreach support and creating a welcoming environment. During the first year of this initiative we expect to enroll among African American students, high achieveing African American students.  12 person advisory committee.  7 are internal to COD and 5 are from the African American community of DuPage County.  Worked with DuPage NAACP. Working with the MAC and in general trying to publicize the Center for Student Diversity.  2) ESIP Enhanced Student Implementation Plan. Continues the momentum from October 2011.  We have grown enrollment at a rate that has outpaced our peers.  Increased number of high achieving students, easier to register, pay and apply for graduation. Have improved retention. Increased number of high-achieving District students.

Jean Kartje. Academic Affairs.  1)3 New AAS  degrees– goes through the list of them. 6 new certificates. 4 successful accreditation teams. 2 more will occur next year.  Curriculum 53 new courses,, 171 modifications to existing courses.  2) Faculty working with students and the community. Fashion Department collaborated with local high schools and worked with those students. Art Department had a walk this way exhibit.  Graphic Design had a program on campus as well. Annual Animation night.  Manufacturing Expo. And Engineering Olympics.  All these brought high school students to campus.  Partnered with DuPage County Senior Services to collaborate with Age Well DuPage.

Human Resources: Linda Sans Van Kirk  1) Collaborated with constituency groups to talk about professional development.  Communications, keynote speakers, staff development programs.