July 17th BoT Meeting — Post 2

Senior Management Team continues presentations of accomplishments as requested by President Brueder.

Human Resources Linda Sans VanKirk — Human Resources looked at implications of Affordable Healthcare Act. Multiple meetings with employees. Pension Reform — it seems legislation will change and the process of looking at Pension Reform will continue.

Tom Glaser, Administrative Affairs.  1) Looked over contracts with Sodexo and Follett (Food Service and Bookstore). Facilities — completed Facilities Building construction.  Homeland Security Training institute will begin construction next months.  Maintenance — lawns, securing the CArney Art collection’s security.  Making sure employees are paid regularly. Worked on loan programs for students, helping students understand these programs.  Risk Management — monthly review of alarm systems.  Police Department — protects students, staff and faculty on campus. Also have identified and prosecuted student financial aid fraud circles that had appeared on campus.

Joe Collins reported for Jim Bente (at a conference out of town) on Site Report from Higher Education Learning Council.  As good a report as one will ever see come  — Quality Check-up Site Report — criteria were all rated highly. Top quality report — no problems at all are identified at College of DuPage.  2)PACE report.  over 700 employees responded, robust response rate.  Survey scored on a Likert SCale of 1-5. In 2010 none of the questions were higher than 4.  This time, 7 questions were higher than 4.  64% got over 3 previously, now this has gone up to a 91%.  Incredible increase in employee satisfaction in all groups, after three straight drops. We made up in this year everything we had dropped in the previous years.

Chair Birt interrupts the proceedings to remind Board members that texting at meetings is approved but all texts that are made at a Board meeting could be part of the public record. She notes that the Vice-Chair was texting while the meeting was in session. Vice Chair Hamilton responds that she agrees that all texts made during a meeting are part of the public record.

Press Release is read by President Brueder. Announces that he plans to propose that at the next BoT meeting COD will announce a reduction in tuition of $2 per credit hour. New tuition rate will become  142 per credit hour.  State average is 108.  Average student will result in about $30 savings per semester   634,000 dollars in revenue loss.  1.13 million dollar loss in revenue in perpetuity.   He notes that the running of COD in a sound fiscal manner has allowed the College to do this.  He also says that all employee constituency groups will be getting raised.  He notes that COD has had a 550 million dollar reformation of the campus thanks to referenda and citizens taxes. State has given COD 2.6 million to the College during this time.  He notes that COD will be getting much less from the state than it should be getting. He also notes that COD has 755,000 dollars of loss due to students who get financial aid but do not complete their courses. Potential losses of 44 million due to pension reform.

Chair Birt thanks the president for re-evaluation of the tuition issue.

Vice Chair Hamilton asks for repetition of the figures.  3.43 million of losses of revenue per year in perpetuity from this action.